The fourth level,The Battery Farm

Europe is one of the 4 main zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


Europe Zone contains levels from 1 to 10:

1. Smashing Start

2. Have A Nice Day!

3. Honeymoon Lagoon

4. The Battery Farm

5. The Engine Room

6. Fat Bear Mountain

7. Rocky Hard Place

8. Stinky Sewers

9. Rat-o-Matic

10. Give A Dog A Bonus (Shellsuit Level)


Europe Zone contains 12 animals.

1. Sheep

2. Dog

3. Racing Mouse

4. Ram

5. Racing Dog

6. Racing Fox

7. Bear

8. Rat

9. Springy Thingy

10. Springy Ram

11. King Rat

12. Bi-Plane Dog

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