Give A Dog A Bonus
Zone Europe
Animals Rocket Fox and Bi-Plane Dog
Difficulty REALLY HARD (for an average gamer)

Give A Dog A Bonus (In Italian Ad Ogni Cane Il Suo Osso) is the Shellsuit Level of the Europe Zone, also being its tenth and last level of Space Station Silicon Valley.


I spy with my little eye...a piece of your Shellsuit to collect. Get a move on and get it or I'm leaving without you...




I can't really help here, but I'll tell you what to do.

You are going to be a  Bi-Plane Dog pretty much the whole level, but (don't kill me if I'm wrong, but I think that)  you can switch to an animal that you have killed. Initially, you must pass through all of the rings.

Once finished, a wave of Bi-Plane Dogs will try to kill you. Though this is a maxi-fun (but hard) part, because you have your machine-gun to gun down all the fighters! Yeah! So you have to blast off those dogs with your ammo. If one passes you with a 180 degree turn, you can still attack him! Once done, a wave of rocket foxes will come. Once more, blast them all, but this time, in the bottom of the level, there's the Battery Charger that REPLENISHES ALL YOUR HEALTH!


When you finish killing fewer animals, the torso piece of your shellsuit will appear. The animals don't do damage so kill or avoid them and pick up the shellsuit!