Rocky Hard Place
Zone Europe
Animals Racing Fox, Springy Thingy, Springy Ram and Sheep
Difficulty Easy

Rocky Hard Place (In Italian La Roccia Pericolosa) is the seventh level of the Europe Zone of Space Station Silicon Valley.


I'd say this area was hit by a severe meteor storm -- and it looks like there's another one on the way. I see some floating asteroid chunks which might make a good bridge -- if you can get them up.


- Elevate the asteroid chunks - Bring me a thing on a spring


This level is a bit easier than The Engine Room but can still be quite frustrating. You must still be careful in this level because the level takes place in a "bottomless pit" -- in which you'll die and will have to restart the entire level if you fall. You start off as the Fox which is nice, but the most important thing about the fox isn't its attack; it's the teleporter ability. We'll be giving that particular abilitty a workout like never before here. Again, be careful not to teleport clean off the edge of a platform.

Begin by following the metal pattern until you find a ramp. Do your best to judge the distance distance between it and that metal cube, and use the teleporter ability to get across. You should see an sheep pen protected by an electric fence. Unlike last time, there's no to open a gate: you must jump in. It's a tricky jump, but if you're lucky you should make it. In the pin there are two Springy Thingy and one Springy Thingy-Ram. Kill whichever one you want and enter it (secondary mission complete).

Exit the pen and follow the path in front of you. Cross the bridge and you'll arrive in a falling asteroids field. Avoid getting hit -- they do quite a lot of damage. At the end there's a switch -- activate it (first mission completed) and return to where you were before taking the path. Go left, where are the ramps. But you're not going with the fox or with the racing mouse, we'll need the Springy Thingy-Ram. Carefully jump in the direction of the platform only when you're sure of landing on it. Go left and ignore the button, if you're not going for the trophy, and go where there are those pillar-like platform. Be really careful, and jump onto the other platform. Now, jump on the little platform, then jump to the medium, and then to the teleporter.

Note: You can really shorten the path by jumping on the asteroids, but you risk having to do the level all over again if you mess up.


Remember that ignored button? Hit it and a brown box will go up and down. Pick a sheep (don't know where it is, try in the pen or on the lower level) and go up with it. In front of you, there will be a platform, but there's the wind pointing in front of you. To come there, hover where the wind can't stop you and come in there by an angle. There is a switch, hit it and the gravity will be turned out. Get inside the springy thingy and go in the platform with the exit, but don't stand on the teleporter. Now jump, and with an incredibly high thrust, you'll reach the platform with the trophy!


It's the first level (played in order) where you can die by falling in the empty space.